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Day and Night Elite Dealer

Day and Night Elite Dealer

Klee's Climate Control is proud to be a Day and Night Elite Dealer offering quality, energy efficient products

Elite Dealer

Your HVAC system is essential to any establishment you manage, whether a restaurant, office, or retail store. You need Day and Night HVAC services if you are concerned about the comfort of your employees, customers or loved ones. Whatever your industry, you should have up-to-date, dependable, energy-efficient heating and cooling if you want to stay in business. Contact us today for the Day and Night HVAC services.

The value of both daytime and nighttime services

The only way to truly feel at ease about the possibility of your HVAC system failing is to work with a day & night elite dealer in Mesa, AZ. Because you have access to repair services whenever you need them, you can ensure that your equipment units are always safe.

Even if your unit has a problem, you can rest easy knowing that professionals can arrive immediately. A faulty HVAC system can save you a lot of money if fixed or replaced, so you will also benefit from any repair services.

How to determine if your HVAC provider company is in Mesa, Arizona's top day and night elite dealer?

Find out if they have a plan in place for disaster recovery. Get more information, especially regarding the following, about your HVAC service provider’s emergency HVAC service and disaster recovery plans:

  • Communication: If phone communication is hampered, they should give you alternative contact information, such as email and social media accounts.
  • Logistical Planning For Handling Service Requests: Your service provider must develop protocols and instruct staff on handling logistics related to managing emergency HVAC service and communication plans and training.
  • Access To Trucks, Parts, Supplies, And Service Equipment: Even if your service provider has all the necessary communication and logistical arrangements in place, they won’t be able to offer emergency HVAC service if they can’t access their trucks, supplies, and equipment.
  • Access To Your Equipment Records And Maintenance History Records: If your HVAC company does not have access to your equipment records and maintenance history, it may take much longer to provide emergency HVAC service.
  • Prior Experience And Handling Of Emergencies: Inquire about their preparation process and how they were able to react as a result. You might even request to speak with a client they have assisted in an accident or emergency.

Signs that emergency HVAC services are required

Unanticipated System Failures

All machinery, including your heating and cooling systems, is susceptible to breakdowns. Fixing and preventing these frequent but unforeseen breakdowns is a huge advantage of living close to a 24/7 repair shop.

Costly HVAC Unit Replacement

Many homeowners lack reliable 24-hour heating and air conditioning repair services. When a heating or cooling system problem goes unattended for too long, the homeowners are forced to replace the HVAC system. Replacement costs for HVAC systems are frequently high.

Overheating HVAC Systems

HVAC equipment may suffer serious harm from overheating. A business that provides round-the-clock support will address any issue before it gets out of hand. Any time of the day, a 24/7 heating and air conditioning repair company will send a technician out right away.

When It Comes To Home Comfort, We Can Give You Peace Of Mind

Why Choose Day & Night Products?

When you choose Day & Night® heating and cooling equipment, you’re selecting quality-driven, sophisticated home comfort. We are proud to give you the latest in engineering and technology—smart and efficient products with quiet and smooth operations.

Select a Heating and Cooling System that’s Right for Your Home

Not sure which type of product is right for you? The experts at Klee's Climate Control will help enhance your home comfort.

Looking for Savings?

We offer many ultra-high efficiency products that exceed the minimum qualifications of the ENERGY STAR® program. And many of our products are ENERGY STAR certified for long-term savings.

Now that you’ve found the right home comfort solution for you, it’s time to think about paying for your new investment. We offer special financing with approved credit and convenient monthly payments to fit your budget.

Take control of your home comfort with our Ion™ System Control with Wi-Fi® capability. You can adjust your home climate from almost anywhere using a computer or mobile device. Control up to eight zones of your home and schedule your comfort based on your preferences—all in a compact touchscreen design.


Maintenance and expert heating and cooling repair are two things you shouldn’t put off. Call us to make an appointment with a Day & Night elite dealer in Mesa, AZ, if you’d like to learn more about HVAC service and maintenance contracts with Klee’s Climate Control and how we can keep your business comfortable all year long.

If you would like more information regarding our services, or if you would like a free estimate, please do not hesitate to call us at (480) 980-3192