Susan H.

Today I had Chuck owner of Klee’s Climate Control diagnose and repair the problem with my air-conditioning unit. I have a 2900 sq ft home with two air conditioning units.The main part of the house was fine, but the bedrooms were not cooling and my energy bills were $400 a month. The main unit was running constantly. Chuck inspected both units in the attic and the two units outside the house.

The problem was with the second unit which needed a new capacitor and the first unit which needed more refrigerant. Chuck did a thorough inspection of each unit, replaced the capacitor,
filled the first unit with a pound of refrigerant, cleaned the outside unit and replaced the filters. All done for $250 dollars! I was afraid I was going to have to replace my entire system, but Chuck solved the problem easily and efficiently. I highly recommend Chuck. He is honest, very informed, efficient and professional.