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Why Isn’t My Air Conditioner System Cooling The House Even When It’s On?

There is no stopping the heat in the summer months. A common issue you would encounter during the summer is your AC running but not cooling. In such cases, you should call professionals to find the damage.

Reasons Why Your AC is Running But Not Cooling.

If your air conditioning system is running but not cooling the house, you can do some regular inspections yourself. However, if the problem persists, call professionals for air conditioning installation in Mesa, AZ, and repair. Below you’ll find listed a few problems that you might encounter.

Incorrect Thermostat Settings

It might look ordinary, but it happens most of the time. Even if the thermostat is changed to a higher temperature, it won’t cool your house. Therefore, the first step is to check and turn the thermostat to cool or fan and set the temperature you desire.

Blocked Condenser Unit

A clogged and dirty condenser unit can also block your AC from cooling. There could be dust, dirt, mold, or other debris trapped inside the condenser coil, so it is best to hire a technician and get your AC serviced.

Dirty Air Filters

The air filters are on the outer side of your AC and therefore prone to dirt and dust. In this clogged state, the airflow of your AC will be restricted, and there will be no cooling. At this point, cleaning the filters or, in worse cases, replacing them filters is the only option.

Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant or coolant is the chemical that flows through the condenser unit and replaces hot air with cooler one. If there is a leak in the refrigerant pipe, it could be toxic for you. Contact a professional AC contractor to fix this leak as soon as possible and fill the coolant to the optimal level.

Troubleshoot all the issues related to AC repair in Mesa, AZ, with just a call at (480) 980-3192. Contact Klee’s Climate Control to request a service at competitive prices.