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6 Signs Your Heater/Furnace Needs Help

Your home’s heating system is the backbone of your HVAC system. There is nothing more uncomfortable than having a heating system that stops working in mid-winter. Even though Arizona never gets as cold as some of the other states, having a broken system can cause problems. In such a situation, you may have no option but to call for emergency heating repair in Mesa, AZ. But, is there something you can do that might solve the problem?

Yes, there is. According to most contractors who provide heating repair services, homeowners need to know which signs to look for. When you know which signs to look for, you can call a contractor faster, and they can fix the problem. Of course, this will save you money. So, the question still remains, which signs should you look for?

Here are the top 6 signs you need to look for.

6 Signs Heaters And Furnaces Need Repairs


All heaters and furnaces burn on fuel. In Arizona, most homes, commercial buildings, and residential buildings have either gas furnaces or heat pumps (that work on gas). The gas is burned to create heat. However, if the gas line has a leak, you may notice a strange, strong odor coming from the heating unit. You need to constantly inspect the unit to ensure it isn’t leaking.


Most heating units may make a low humming noise. However, banging, clanking, and chirping are considered “unusual noises.” These indicate that a mechanical part is broken. Instead of trying a DIY, call a reliable contractor that provides heating repair in Mesa, AZ. It isn’t advised to take apart the unit on your own.

Energy Bills

While it is true that you’ll notice an increase in electricity bills over time, it is rarely a drastic change. If you compare your energy bills over ten years, you may notice a drastic difference. However, if you’re comparing the energy bills of the past few months and see a large increase, then something is wrong with your heating unit.

Uneven Distribution

Heating systems work by regulating the temperature of all areas in the home. If you notice uneven heating or “cold spots” in your home, your unit isn’t working efficiently. The problem may stem from a piping or connection error and needs to be inspected to increase the efficiency of the system.

Irregular Cycles

Much like your cooling unit, the heating unit also functions in “cycles.” These are usually 15-20 minutes long. However, if you notice these becoming shorter or longer or even becoming infrequent, your heating unit needs to be inspected. The ideal option is to turn it off and call a contractor that provides heating service in Mesa, AZ.


Dust accumulation in ventilation units is a common problem. It can be solved by regular deep-cleaning of the vents.

These are the top six signs that your heating unit needs help. If you don’t know who to call, you can call Klee’s Climate Control. A local, excellent HVAC repair Mesa AZ company that provides all types of heating and cooling services. You can book their services by calling (480) 980-3192.