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Ductless In Mesa, AZ

Ductless AC in Mesa, Gilbert, Apache Junction, Gold Canyon, AZ, And The Surrounding Areas

Ductless AC

Our top-of-the-range, ductless AC units are as reliable as they come. They respond immediately to changes in temperature and humidity, allowing you to maintain a comfortable environment at all times, no matter what the season is. Contact Us today for Ductless in Mesa, Gilbert, Apache Junction, Gold Canyon, AZ, And The Surrounding Areas.

Benefits of Ductless Air Conditioning

  1. Ductless Air Conditioning is Environmentally Friendly: It uses R410A as a refrigerant, which does not affect the ozone layer and has a very low Global Warming Potential.
  2. Ductless Air Conditioning is Very Flexible: They are available for new construction and retrofits of existing HVAC systems when used as zoning solutions. Each room in the house can be zoned separately, and it is possible to keep one room cool while keeping other rooms warm.
  3. Ductless Air Conditioning is Cost-Effective: They don’t use ductwork, meaning less of the conditioned air escapes into unconditioned areas before reaching its final destination. As a result of this efficiency improvement, ductless heating and cooling systems can substantially save energy bills.

How Ductless AC Units Work

Ductless split-type air conditioners are very popular for homes with little or no additional space to run the central heating and cooling systems. Ductless systems are most often used in areas where they are not possible or economical to use ducted-type HVAC systems. This also includes rooms that are too far from where the main equipment is installed, as running large-diameter piping over long distances is expensive.

Ductless AC units do not require a specific humidity level to work properly. This makes them ideal for homes where people often use humidifiers during colder weather. Less maintenance is required, too, because there are no filters inside these systems to clean or replace.

For more information on how ductless can benefit your home, please call us at (480) 980-3192. We have highly trained professionals who can answer any questions you might have. Our customer service number is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Ductless Cooling Repair

The professionals at Klee’s Climate Control repair all AC unit brands and can get your system up and running in no time.

Contact the specialists you can trust for expert ductless Air Conditioning Repair in Mesa, AZ, Gilbert, Apache Junction, and Gold Canyon. We offer free estimates on all our work and only use the finest parts to ensure that your system lasts for years to come.

Ductless Cooling Replacement

Repairing your AC unit isn’t always an option, and sometimes it makes more sense to install a new one. We offer an array of new equipment to choose from, and we will help you find the perfect solution for your home.

Our team also offers an Air Conditioning Installation in Mesa, AZ, and our specialists can carry out the work quickly and efficiently. We provide free quotes on all of our installations and only use top-quality equipment so that we meet your exact requirements.

Contact Klee’s Climate Control today for all your ductless services in Mesa, Gilbert, Apache Junction, Gold Canyon, and surrounding areas!

Other Ductless Services Includes:

Contact Us today for Ductless in Mesa, Gilbert, Apache Junction, Gold Canyon, AZ, And The Surrounding Areas

Experience the ultimate cooling efficiency and flexibility with ductless AC systems from Klee’s Climate Control in Mesa, AZ. Ideal for homes without traditional ductwork, additions, or any spaces needing targeted cooling, our ductless AC solutions offer customizable comfort and energy savings. Whether upgrading your current system or exploring ductless options for the first time, our expert team is here to guide you every step of the way. Don’t compromise on comfort—contact Klee’s Climate Control today to learn more about the benefits of ductless AC and schedule your installation. Transform your living or working space with efficient, versatile cooling tailored to your needs.