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Heat Pump Maintenance In Mesa, AZ

Heat Pump Maintenance in Mesa, AZ, And The Surrounding Areas

Just like most other machines, a heat pump can malfunction at any time, but by performing routine heat pump maintenance and tune-ups, it can operate at its most effective level. Contact us today for the best heat pump maintenance in Mesa, Gilbert, Apache Junction, Gold Canyon, AZ, And The Surrounding Areas.


Heat pump tune-ups by professionals

  • Check The Air Filter: The air filter must be kept clean to ensure your system operates as efficiently as possible. It is a brilliant idea to keep an eye on the air filter because it must be checked monthly.
    During the yearly tune-ups, your HVAC technician can thoroughly examine and replace them if necessary. Your heat pump’s health can be significantly enhanced by oiling motors, adjusting belt tension, and inspecting for signs of wear and tear.
  • Check Electrical Components: Electrical components are required for the indoor air handler and the outdoor condenser to reduce energy costs. They might need replacement, cleaning, or non-conductive lubrication.
  • Evaporator Coil Cleaning: This step is vital because a clean coil can exchange heat more quickly. Calculate the refrigerant amount: For the heat pump to operate effectively and avoid a frozen coil, the refrigerant levels must be kept at the manufacturer’s level. Your technician can locate leaks that decrease the refrigerant levels, stop them, and restore the required refrigerant level.

Tips for doing DIY regular heat pump maintenance

  • Basic Inspection: Check the power supply of the other parts of your heat pump system if your heat pump stops working suddenly. Each component can have its power switches and circuits. Start by ensuring the power switch next to the indoor unit is turned ON.
    Second, ensure that the power switch on the exterior unit is turned ON. Finally, check the circuits controlling the indoor and outdoor units at your home’s electrical panel. Call qualified heating services if you notice any blown fuses or tripped breakers.
  • Ineffective Thermostat: A broken thermostat may be to blame when a heat pump stops functioning. Find the thermostat and check to see if the display is on. If nothing appears on display, there is no power supply. If batteries power your devices, swap the old ones for new ones. Check your home’s electrical panel while looking for the hardwired units.
  • Ineffective Thermostat Settings: A thermostat can malfunction due to incorrect settings, a disrupted power supply, and dead batteries. To get the heat pump to run a cooling cycle, try decreasing the thermostat’s set temperature by a few degrees.
  • Leaking Ducts: An essential component of an HVAC system that distributes the air is ductwork. The heat pump won’t be able to blow enough air if the ductwork in your house gets clogged from a lack of cleaning.
    Likewise, any leaks will allow the air to escape before it reaches you. In such circumstances, contact expert heating services to check the ducts for obstruction and leaks.
  • Unclean Air Filters: Check the air filters as soon as your heat pump stops functioning. If there is a lot of gunk on them, the airflow has likely been obstructed, causing a shutdown. If this is the case, swap out the filters for new ones and give the system some time to cool down.


Klee’s Climate Control is your one-stop shop if you need budget-friendly and trustworthy heat pump maintenance. Call or visit our website to learn more about our services.

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