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Heating Problems One Shouldn’t Ignore

As the winter months approach, now is the best time to inspect your HVAC system to guarantee your furnace will keep you and your family warm. Furnace difficulties can be aggravating because there are numerous issues to troubleshoot to determine the source of your furnace problems.

Some furnace issues can be resolved by you quickly and easily, but others necessitate the assistance of a professional, like heating installation in Mesa, AZ. In any case, we want to keep you and your family warm during the upcoming winter months.

Here Are The Most Typical Furnace Issues That You Should Not Ignore:

Cold Air Blowing From The Furnace

Furnaces need to be blowing warm air constantly. There is an issue if you notice lukewarm or, worse, chilly air. You don’t want to dismiss this since there is a problem to be addressed.

It could be as easy as an air filter, or it could be more complicated. In any case, you’ll want to get it mended as soon as possible so that your home can return to a relaxed state.

Water Leaking From The Furnace

If your furnace is leaking water, this is another symptom that something is wrong that you should investigate. A leaky furnace might be caused by a line break or an obstruction in the condensation tubing.

The hot exhaust cools, condenses in the pipe, and then leaks out when this happens. Your furnace’s built-in humidifier may also be leaking. The humidifier could be blamed if you notice water pooling behind your heater.

Unusual Noise

Any clicking noise emanating from your furnace is usually a sign of a technical problem. The spark igniter in your furnace attempts to ignite the pilot light or burners when it clicks. You don’t want to ignore this issue since it could lead to more severe and costly furnace issues in the future.

Yellow Burner Flame

The burner flame should be a vivid blue. There is an incomplete burn when it becomes yellow, and your furnace might be emitting carbon monoxide, which can be pretty harmful. We’re all aware of the dangers of carbon monoxide. This furnace issue cannot be overlooked and requires prompt care.

Loud Bang

When your furnace turns on, you may hear a boom or bang. It happens due to an issue known as delayed ignition. Although your furnace is receiving gas, the burners are not igniting as quickly as they should be. The gas builds up inside the furnace’s combustion chamber if this happens. It produces a burst when it is lit.

Contact Klee’s Climate Control if you hear strange noises or if the water won’t heat up as it used to. Call us at (480) 980-3192 or [email protected] to save money on heating service in Mesa, AZ.