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How Do You Fix A Noisy Furnace?

Strange noises are the first indication that something is going wrong inside your furnace. It is hard to know the exact cause, so calling a professional for HVAC repair in Mesa, AZ, is the only best option. 

You cannot sleep with a noisy furnace; if you turn it off, you will feel cold. Therefore, you need complete furnace repair to eliminate the sounds with the tips below. 

Follow the Tips and Find Out the Correct Procedure

Find and Fix the Loose Component

The most common cause of rattling, banging, and screeching noises are- a loosened part. While your furnace is blowing hot air through the ducts and vents, it is possible that a loose belt or bolt has come up and caused the issue.

If your furnace is old, worn-out belts and screws can also create the same noises. Check the fans and vents for such loose screws and secure them.

Fix the Insulation

When air passes through the cracks of the damaged insulation in your home, howling and hissing sounds are produced. If the airspeed is high and the gaps are big, insulating foam spray will now work for sealing.

That is why good quality insulation is necessary, and routine inspection should include it. For fan blower cracks, you can use expanding foam and foam spray. It also prevents heat loss.

Bolt the Motors

If you hear howling sounds during the start-up and shutdown of the motor, it could be due to a blockage in its rotation or a loose belt around the motor.

The noises created during motor movements are mostly due to loose screws and need tightening. All the attached motor parts can be easily inspected and fixed during heating service in Mesa, AZ.

Lubricate the Motor and Parts

The moving and rotating parts of your furnace motor and blower systems need lubrication for smooth movements. If you hear screeching sounds from these parts – the reason could be dryness.

After months of sitting idle, the motor and lower shaft tend to jam, which needs oil and a nice spin to get it back in shape. Remember to ask your technician about such issues during routine maintenance.

Fix the Blower and Fan

Your blower and fan are constantly rotating to distribute the air throughout the tour house, so if you hear rattling from the fan, know that the bearings in the motors need lubrication.

If ignored, these sounds only get louder until the system crashes and needs replacement. You can try lubricating the motor bearings yourself, but calling a professional for a complete solution is still a better idea.

Adjust Fan Speed

When your fan is set on a higher-than-usual speed, it produces howling and shrieking sounds. You can try to shut down the noise by reducing the speed to medium and see if the noise goes away.

Change the speed gradually and let the fan adjust to the setting before you increase the rotations. It will give you a basic idea of the exact cause of the noise.

Ensure no Movement on Support Beams

Your heating system is affixed on support beams to ensure no movement and damage to the important parts. Ask your contractor from the heating installation in Mesa, AZ, to find the problem and fix it.

If you find your system rattling and vibrating from the installation time, there are chances that the attachment of the blower motor to the support beams was not secure, and thus the cracks are making noises.

To Sum Up

You can fix a noisy furnace for sure. Contact Klee’s Climate Control to book the best heating repair in Mesa, AZ, at (480) 980-3192. Don’t forget to schedule your annual tuneup with us and call us for emergencies since we are available 24 hours. Contact us today.