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Brian K.

Chuck is awesome! My AC unit stopped working in the middle of the summer with 115 degree temps on the house I was just about to put on the market. I have a home warranty, so I called them. They couldn’t see me for a day and a half so I had to put my wife and 2 month old baby in a hotel until I could find a friend who could take my family and 2 dogs. When my home warranty company finally got to take a look at my unit, they said it wouldn’t be worth it to repair and would have to replace it for $5600 since it wasn’t covered in my plan. After spending the last day and a half homeless with a 2 mo old, I felt like I had no choice. My family and I had to spend another night homeless, sleeping at a coworker’s house. Thankfully, I told my realtor what was going on the morning I was supposed to get the new unit installed and she immediately called Chuck and told him my situation. When he heard I had a 2 month old, he was at my house within 30 minutes. Chuck climbed on my roof and knew right away what the issue was. He told me the diagnosis my warranty company gave me was false and said he could get it working in 30 minutes for less than $600. He had the part in his van and fixed it right then and there. It made me very mad at my warranty company for putting my family though one of the toughest time of our lives, just so they could rip us off. At the same time, I was so grateful that my realtor referred me to Chuck. He saved me $5000 and got me and my family back into our house in no time. Chuck really knows what he’s doing and has passion for his work. It is hard to find honest contractors these days, which is why I’m glad I found Chuck. I will be using him for my regular inspection/tune ups.  

Melissa H.

We recently had service from Chuck to repair our broken ac. He was great! We had the best experience ever. So pleasant and the fastest response! I would recommend to everyone!

B M.

A couple of weeks ago my air conditioner “seemed” to be having a problem that sounded like I was in for some serious repair work. A friend recommended Klee’s. Chuck came over as soon as his schedule allowed, very professional and knowledgeable. Much to my surprise and embarrassment there was really nothing wrong with my unit, but I didn’t know that and to be honest I wouldn’t have known any better had Chuck not explained what I had missed (A pot was leaning up on my unit making a terrible noise). I can’t tell you how much I appreciated his honesty. He did a full inspection and the charge was very reasonable. Great service, fair rates, and proven honesty!

Kyle G.

I had one of my ac units quit working suddenly tonight around 7:30 p.m. I called several places and was put on hold or didn’t get through because it was after hours. Luckily it all worked out because Chuck answered his phone and was at my house and had replaced my capacitor in less than an hour from the time I called. His price was very fair and he was generally just a good dude. I will use again and strongly recommend him to anyone in need.

Malessa S.

I can’t stress how much I recommend Chuck. He came recommended to us by a friend. He is very thorough and was able to find issues that 2 other company’s did not. He got us up and going again. And gave us options as to what to do next. He was more than patient with us, showing us what the issues were and answering all our questions along the way. (And we had a lot!) He’s very knowledgeable, honest, and more than fair on prices. He is by far, the best we have come across!

Susan H.

Today I had Chuck owner of Klee’s Climate Control diagnose and repair the problem with my air-conditioning unit. I have a 2900 sq ft home with two air conditioning units. The main part of the house was fine, but the bedrooms were not cooling and my energy bills were $400 a month. The main unit was running constantly. Chuck inspected both units in the attic and the two units outside the house. The problem was with the second unit which needed a new capacitor and the first unit which needed more refrigerant. Chuck did a thorough inspection of each unit, replaced the capacitor, filled the first unit with a pound of refrigerant, cleaned the outside unit and replaced the filters. All done for $250 dollars! I was afraid I was going to have to replace my entire system, but Chuck solved the problem easily and efficiently. I highly recommend Chuck. He is honest, very informed, efficient and professional.

Joe M.

Chuck and crew did an amazing job replacing my old AC unit! He was prompt, professional, and really cares about educating the client. He also installed my new smart thermostats and was able to explain how everything works. Highly recommend these guys for any of your AC needs! Thanks again!

Robert H.

I realized that my ac was not working, and Of course it was already past business hours. I called Klee’s on the recommendation of a friend. Chuck Klee was able to come out first thing the next morning and was able to diagnose and repair my ac. He was honest, polite, and really knows his stuff. He was even able to determine that my unit was still under parts warranty, and was able to save me substantially on the part needed! I would definitely use his services again and recommend him without hesitation. Honesty and great customer service .

Francine B.

We have been blown away by Chuck and his attention to service and now he’s the only one we’ll call if we have any A/C issue! We have a large home with multiple units and he was the only one we met with whom we trusted immediately not to take us for a ride. He gives us the best price he can and always gives us the facts and explains things so we can make a decision re. repair or replace. And I love that he’s also helpful regarding thermostat issues or things we just can’t figure out.

Liz T.

Chuck was fast, professional and very reasonable. He saved us about $1500 over another company’s quote and we will be using him from now on. He explained everything that needed to be done and helped us make a plan for when we eventually need to replace our older a/c unit. Rather than up-sell us or use scare tactics, he gave us less expensive options and fixed the issue!