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Should My Twenty-Year-Old AC Be Replaced?

The cost of replacing an outdated HVAC system can be high, so it’s vital to consult a reputable expert to help you decide whether AC replacement is necessary or not. After this come other factors, like, selecting the best model (not to mention the correct air conditioning installation in Mesa, AZ).

How Does the HVAC System's Age Affect When to Replace it?

The age of HVAC systems and energy efficiency are related. A new HVAC system uses less energy than an outdated one. This is because of two things:

  • Modern HVAC systems come equipped with technology that enables the system to operate at maximum energy efficiency. As a result, systems become more intuitive and quieter while still performing well and efficiently. Think of your HVAC system as similar to your computer or smartphone: New technological advancements lead to better, more effective versions every year.
  • Over time, old HVAC systems become less effective. An HVAC system can become inefficient with regular use and years of cooling. Over time, an outdated HVAC system degrades and gradually loses energy efficiency. Your HVAC system may become less energy efficient if it has had repeated breakdowns and air conditioning repairs in Mesa, AZ.

Reasons to Switch to A New AC

Energy Usage

A 20-year-old air conditioner might require 6 kWh of electricity to cool a typical-sized house. However, a modern air conditioner uses much less electricity to cool the same property.

Environmental Impact

Old air conditioners harm the environment. R22 air conditioners contribute to the ozone layer’s depletion.

Sound Technology

Compared to older AC units, current air conditioners are more likely to be soundproof because of technological breakthroughs in compressor design and fan blade geometry.

Efficiency Rating

For your air conditioner to run efficiently and without excessive energy, the SEER rating must be more than 13. As their efficiency rating is 10, old air conditioners use a lot of electricity.

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