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What Are The Benefits Of An Air conditioning Tune-Up?

Do you recall the last time you called professional technicians for maintenance or AC repair in Mesa, AZ? If you cannot remember, your air conditioning device is probably due for service. For your air conditioning system to function effectively, prevent breakdowns, and last as long as possible, it should get reviewed by a technician once a year in the early summer before you turn it on for the first time.

Prominent Benefits of an Air Conditioner Tune-Up

Here are some perks of scheduling an air conditioner tune-up?

Improve Your Air Conditioner's Performance.

Your air conditioning system will not accurately function if you do not get your machine serviced regularly. So if you’re experiencing uneven cooling throughout your home—where one room feels like an icebox while another feels like an oven—it could be a sign that you’re past due for maintenance. As parts wear out over time and dust collects inside the machine, your air conditioner becomes less effective at cooling. Overall, this results in an uncomfortable home for you and your family.

Increase Your Energy Effectiveness.

Have you observed your power bills rising like the temperatures soaring this season, with no end in sight? There is perhaps a link between skipping your AC tune-up and higher utility bills. Without regular maintenance, your air conditioning system will gradually lose efficiency and effectiveness.

Even a minor decrease in efficiency can significantly increase your energy bills. Also, on the warmest and most humid days of the year, your air conditioner runs almost continuously, and you might have to pay higher prices for less cooling every hour if it runs at 5-10% less efficiency.

Increase the Lifespan of Your System.

Yes, an AC tune-up is costly. But what is significantly more expensive? Buying a new air conditioning unit and as a homeowner, your primary objective should be to get as many years out of your air conditioning system as possible before replacing it.

Most air conditioning appliances have a lifespan of 13 to 20 years. However, a system that remains subjected to years of dust and debris buildup must work harder, resulting in increased wear and tear and demanding frequent HVAC repair in Mesa, AZ.

Furthermore, malfunctioning parts put the entire air conditioning unit at risk of damage. An AC tune-up will not make your system last forever, but it will improve its chances of lasting longer.

Keep Your Warranty Active.

You may not notice that your new air conditioning system holds a product warranty. While some details vary by system, most of these warranties cover essential AC components, such as the compressor, for years after installation. It guards against the possibility of a faulty or misfiring part bricking the system. As you might expect, there’s a caveat: most of these manufacturers’ warranties require an annual expert tune-up to keep the coverage active.

You must do everything in your power to keep your warranty coverage—it could help you save hundreds and thousands of dollars in the long run!

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