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Why Does My Furnace Smell? 5 Strange Furnace Smells and What They Mean

Wondering what exactly is that weird smell coming out of your furnace? Clueless, what should you do to stop that strange smell? Thinking about seeking expert HVAC services to troubleshoot your furnace? We understand your concern regarding that weird smell coming out of your furnace, and considering your furnace is an essential part of your entire HVAC system, your furnace must remain in proper condition at all times.

So, what exactly is that weird smell? Some strange smells are completely normal for your furnace, while some may cause some concern based on the type of smell leaking from the furnace. Here are 5 necessary points to keep in mind regarding types of strange smells that can leak from your furnace and what to do in such cases:

Smell Somewhat Like a Rotten Egg?

Most furnaces running across the United States are fueled by natural gas, and considering that natural gas is primarily odorless, gas companies add a particular chemical add-on to the gas that somewhat smells like Sulfur or, more particularly, rotten egg as a safety precaution as odorless natural gas cannot be predicted during any leak. 

If you sense any smell like that of Sulfur, it is advisable to turn off the furnace as early as possible and seek expert HVAC assistance as it could be a case of an inflammable gas leak.

The Smell of Mold?

The smell of mold is ridiculously unpleasant, and we couldn’t agree anymore and expecting a mold-like smell leaking from your air vents is probably the last thing you would generally seek. It is advisable to ensure that the molds are cleared at the earliest possible as delaying it could lead to hazardous indoor air quality, leading to breathing issues and related health complexities.

Smell Somewhat Like a Pair of Dirty gym Socks?

The distinctive strange smell, somewhat like a dirty pair of gym socks, indicates bacterial growth in your furnace’s coils, and prolonged unattended bacterial growth is a red flag for your health and your furnace. The seasonal swing primarily causes it during the summer to winter shift, leading to condensation build-up in the coils. It is advisable to seek expert HVAC assistance to clear out the mold build-up at the earliest possible.

Smell Somewhat Like Burning Dust?

The sensation of a smell similar to burning dust is nothing to worry about as it indicates that your furnace is operating after a long break. It is common across all furnaces and naturally goes away after it kicks into normal usage. It shouldn’t be a cause of concern unless the smell persists for a prolonged period.

Smell Somewhat Like Plastic?

Overheating of the furnace’s interior parts can cause a sensation of a smell similar to burning plastic. Even though your furnace is designed to sustain extreme heat exposure, some parts are bound to be overheated. It is advisable to call expert Heating service in mesa AZ technicians to troubleshoot the issue in such cases.

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