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A/C Troubleshooting Tips For Arizona

As you all know, summers in Arizona are hot and dry, with temperatures soaring up to 120°F. Without a properly functioning air conditioning unit, it gets almost unbearable. When your A/C needs a repair, it is always recommended to contact a professional air conditioning installation in Mesa, AZ. Luckily, there are some instances where you can fix it by yourself.

You can perform simple DIYs to do minor repairs to your A/C. However, there are some warning signs which indicate that your A/C needs a professional HVAC repair Mesa, AZ service. Until then, you can rely on your skills and some tips to troubleshoot on your own.

Top 3 DIY Troubleshooting Tips:

There are three most common A/C issues which people face, and the following are the troubleshooting tips for them.

  • A/C isn’t turning on: If your A/C refuses to turn on at all, the main problem lies in its circuit. It may a tripped circuit breaker, blown fuse, a faulty thermostat, or a turned-off internal switch. Firstly, make sure your home’s electrical panel is supplying enough energy to the A/C unit. Secondly, reset the circuit breaker or replace the blown-out fuse. Lastly, check that all switches in and around the A/C unit are turned “on” and the blower door is tightly closed.
  • Inadequate Air Flow: The main cause for poor air circulation can be a dirty filter or ducts. Thankfully, it can be easily fixed by proper cleaning or replacing the filter if it’s too worn out. After that, check the ductwork in your house for any disconnection or blockage. Also, do make sure that the dampers on the vents in your home are opened.
  • Insufficient cooling: Typically, an A/C unit takes about 10-15 minutes to cool enough for the whole house. However, if it doesn’t get cool enough even after turning it on for a while, there are chances of a blockage. First, check if the thermostat is working properly. If it is fine, move towards the next step, inspecting the condenser for any blockage or gunk. After removing the blockage, check if the filters are clean or if they need to be replaced.

Warning Signs When it’s Time to Call an HVAC Professional

You need to call a professional air conditioning repair Mesa, AZ when DIY troubleshooting does not help, or the damage is too profound to be fixed on your own. Such instances include:

  • Oversized or undersized A/C unit for your home
  • Insufficient amount of refrigerant
  • A faulty compressor or motor
  • Weird noises or odor
  • Excess water dripping
  • A sudden spike in energy bills

Why Choose our HVAC Services?

At Klee’s Climate Control, we promise high-quality services to our customers who want their A/C unit repaired at a reasonable cost. Our experienced technicians will make sure your A/C is dirt-free and smoothly working to provide ambient cooling in these summers.

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