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Heat Pump Services In Mesa, AZ

Heat Pump Services in Mesa, Gilbert, Apache Junction, Gold Canyon, AZ, And The Surrounding Areas

Heat Pump Services In Mesa, AZ

Heat pumps are slightly more complicated to repair than central air units since they have two separate circuits that can be out of sync or one circuit working while the other is not. Contact Klee’s Climate Control for Professional Heat pump Services in Mesa, Gilbert, Apache Junction, Gold Canyon, AZ, And The Surrounding Areas.

Heat pumps will only run when both coils are producing heat because there’s no direct connection between the compressors in either circuit. Each circuit has its own electric motor-driven compressor to push liquid refrigerant through its evaporator and condenser coils.

An outdoor condenser fan sits on top of the compressor to cool it during operation with a belt-driven by an electric motor. Outdoor units also have a reversing valve for defrosting which temporarily reverses refrigerant flow to ensure ice buildup on outdoor condensing components doesn’t restrict airflow too much.

Why Might My Heat Pump Need Servicing?

Your heat pump could require servicing for several reasons, such as low airflow and outside unit fan problems, heating, and cooling imbalances, and repeat cycling of the compressor.

It may also need servicing if the air coming out of the vents seems cooler than usual or if there are any other signs that it isn’t working properly. For example, your unit could be leaking coolant if you notice puddles underneath it or hear unusual noises when it’s running.

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What Could Cause My Heat Pump To Be Inefficient?

Several factors can contribute to a heat pump being less efficient than it should be. For example, if you’ve purchased your home recently or have made significant renovations, the location of your outdoor unit may not take into account the addition of new structure’s near where it’s installed.

Since this affects how well the unit distributes heated air throughout your home, this would result in an inefficient system. You might also notice issues with efficiency if you’ve had other repairs done on your unit but didn’t install new components properly afterward.

If you haven’t had a professional service technician check out your system, there may be problems with airflow or outside unit fan issues, heating, and cooling imbalances, or repeating compressor cycles.

What’s Included in Heat Pump Services?

When it comes to heat pump services, technicians perform several tasks. They ensure the unit is running correctly, inspect for any signs of leaks or faulty wiring, and change out any broken components like belts or valves.

The technician would probably check to see if your heating system is running correctly, look for signs of leaks or faulty wiring, and replace broken parts like belts or valves.

We provide the following Heat Pump Services:

Heat Pump Replacement Services

You may need to replace your heat pump if the device isn’t heating or cooling as well as it once did. You can also do so if you find excessive noise—such as a rattling sound—coming from the unit, which may indicate a problem with your compressor. If either of these scenarios happens to you, then it’s time to consider getting a replacement for your old system.

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